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May 2, 2019


Breeders and owners have shown their confidence and support of the inaugural Ladbrokes Gold Muzzle Auction, with a final tally of more than 115 pups to be catalogued for the Auction.


Every leading Sire in Australia will be represented at the Auction while the off-spring of some of the matrons are amongst the best in Australia and prospective buyers will be spoilt for choice come Auction day at Richmond Racetrack on Sunday, June 23.


"Given the reduced numbers we were working with, this is a sensational result to attract more than 100 of the best  bred stock on the market and we are very appreciative of the support of Breeders and Owners," said Mark Duclos, Managing Director  of Gold Muzzle Auctions.


"There will be pups available for sale at the Auction ranging in age from 4 months to the eldest which will be just short of 12 months of age and the prices will obviously be dictated by market forces but no matter what the budget, we are certain all buyers will be well catered for."


All pups sold through the 2019 Ladbrokes Gold Muzzle Auction will be eligible to compete in the Golden Muzzle Race series for which there will be more than $100,000 in total prizemoney with the feature event at Wentworth Park in October 2020 offering $40,000 to the winner of the final.


Duclos said their attention now turns to an advertising and marketing campaign to ensure that Auction Day is a massive success.


"We'll be targeting new owners and Syndicates in our advertising messages with our key slogan being 'Greyhound Racing - the affordable way to race a Winner' being utilised in all our electronic media on Sky Racing, on radio and also in print media advertising.


"For way too long now, our industry has been the best kept 'worst' secret of the three racing codes when it comes to affordability and also the potential returns that a greyhound can provide, not to mention that at the end of their racing days, the owners can take them home and have one of the best pets possible - try doing that with a thoroughbred," said Duclos.


Work has now commenced on compiling the catalogue for the 2019 Ladbrokes Gold Muzzle Puppy Auction which Duclos anticipates will be available by May 27 with Breeding guru David Brasch providing his comments and opinion of the breeding lines of each litter that is represented at the Auction.


From May 10, GMA will be releasing a weekly Video on their dedicated website and through Social Media which will profile litters to be offered for sale and details are also being finalised for the mini-expo and Trainers seminar that will be held on Auction day.


"We're intent on making it an event rather than just an Auction and all the action will be streamed on Facebook Live around the globe," said Duclos


"We'll have entertainment for the whole family and similar to the Magic Millions Thoroughbred Auctions, there will be VIP options available for buyers with food and beverage packages and priority seating included and those details will also be released in the coming weeks."


For further information or more details about the 2019 Ladbrokes Gold Muzzle Auction, contact the team via-email at;



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April 11, 2019


Gold Muzzle Auctions (GMA), in conjunction with Greyhound Racing NSW, are proud to announce the launch of the 2019 Gold Muzzle Auction to be held at Richmond Racetrack on Sunday, June 23.


Mark Duclos, the Managing Director of GMA, today said that the 2019 Gold Muzzle Auction will fill a void for Breeders and Owners and hopefully stimulate a controlled Breeding industry in NSW in future years.


"Since the demise of the Dapto Puppy Auction, and the reduction in breeding numbers, greyhounds whelped at the opposite end of the calendar year to pups which can be sold at the Richmond Riches Puppy Auction, have left Breeders and Owners with very little options to try and sell their pups," Duclos said.

"By creating the Gold Muzzle Auction concept, we are looking to stimulate the Breeding sector at a particular time of the year, in turn allowing pups whelped between July 1 and January 31 the following year to be offered for sale at a major event.


"With the assistance of GRNSW, we are also able to align not one, but two, Race Series for Pups sold at the Gold Muzzle with The Golden Muzzle final at Wentworth Park worth $40,000 to the winner."

Greyhound Racing NSW Chief Executive, Tony Mestrov, said the Gold Muzzle Auction and Golden Muzzle Race Series fill a void in the industry.


“We are excited and pleased to announce this new initiative,” Mr. Mestrov said. “It fills a void in this area which was created with the cessation of the Dapto Puppy Auction a few years back.


"The Gold Muzzle Auction and the associated race series is aimed at stimulating breeding, increasing the supply of quality-bred pups, and ultimately bringing new individual owners, and syndicates, into the industry.


“It’s also about enticing breeders to produce more quality pups to bring into our industry, and know that they will have an avenue to offer those pups into a healthy market.”


For further information contact Mark Duclos at Gold Muzzle Auctions -